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Mega Deals On Bulk Loads - 15 bags for £500 or 20 bags for £600!!

bulksoil To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves. Mahatma Gandhi

South Manchester Topsoil are suppliers of high performance topsoil suitable for most applications in the garden, from using under new lawns to home grow and flower beds our soil is carefully developed and blended for those jobs where only the best will do, we are very much at the quality end of the job and only sell a high quality soil mix aimed at the home grow and turfing market, we do not sell recycled soils that have come from skips and been screened because they are contaminated and lacking goodness.

Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality topsoil and quick hassle free deliveries. 

Buying topsoil has become a confusing task in recent years with many suppliers taking advantage of the buy online era to confuse you with so many grades of topsoil, we will not do this, quite simply we sell one grade of topsoil that is a potent mixture of approx 70% grade 1 farm soil blended with 30% organic compost resulting in a potent mix that will contain plenty natural potash for rapid rooting of flowers, new lawns and veg growing and all the natural nitrogen for lush flowering of fruit tress, veg and flowers as well as keeping your new lawn lovely and green. 

Topsoil prices Below (bags contain approx 1000kg)

  • 1 bag minimum costs £60
  • 2 bags cost £52 per bag
  • 3 bags cost £48 per bag
  • 4-9 bags cost £44 per bag
  • 10 bags + £40 per bag
Top soil prices shown include delivery to most local postcodes.

Loose Topsoil Prices

  • Available in 8,9 & 10 ton loads
  • 8 tone tipped loose =£310
  • 9 ton tipped loose = £335
  • 10 ton tipped loose = £350
Lancashire sourced topsoil
Lancashire sourced topsoil
Crane truck deliveries
Crane truck deliveries
Tippped loose loads
Tippped loose loads

To enquire about Topsoil Call: 0161 300 9364

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As part of our mixture we use around 70% Loam Topsoil, it is jet black and all sourced from West Lancashire farm land renowned for being highly fertile and friable making it really useful for any gardening application from using in borders and flower beds or planting large scale planting projects this topsoil is consistent and highly friable texture help to make our mix great for seeding and using under new lawns,


Fruit & Veg growing or back yard farming as it is becoming known is currently thriving in Britain, our grade 1 soil / compost mix is perfect for growing vegetables and planting flower beds, the compost we blend into our topsoil will help with water retention and increase natural nitrogen and potash levels whilst the Lancashire loam will help to keep the topsoil friable and workable.
Grade 1 Topsoil


The organic compost that we use is all sourced locally from Cheshire and Lancashireand really helps to make our topsoil a powerful blend and a great soil improver and conditioner, as well as increasing the natural elements of your veg patch or flower beds this soil can also help to break down heavy poor soils when mixed into tired beds or areas ready for new turf or seed.

Why we think our Topsoil is the best?

The backbone of our soil is natural Lancashire Loam soil, the soil in certain pockets of west Lancashire is amongst the finest that the country has to offer, The great thing about the loam we source from Lancashire is that it is a light friable sand based loam,

Not only is our Loam some of the best available in the country but we actually source it from lagoon excavations on farms which means that it is virgin soil that reduces the likelihood that it has been exposed to any herbicides or man made fertilisers and it means that it has not been intensively farmed and worn out like the top layer of farm soil that most suppliers use creating a need for crop rotation and added fertiliser.

Topsoil Specification
Origin - West Lancashire
Total Sand Content - 70%
Organic Material - 30%
Average PH - 6.9
Average Moisture Content - 22%
Topsoil Applications - Home Grow & Planting/General purpose
Quality Status - Grade 1

Topsoil deliveries To Most Parts Of Manchester and Cheshire

We Supply Our Tospoil Fast to most M, SK, OL, WA Post Codes

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Manchester Topsoil Suppliers aim to take the headache out of buying topsoil, we sell 1 fantastic grade, first we get some virgin Lancashire Sandy Arable Loam and we take it back to our HQ and then blend it with a shot of nutrient packed organic matter for that extra bit of Zest !!

What makes West Lancashire soil so unique is the distinctive jet black colour, the west Lancashire plains are home to around 50 000 acres of grade 1 classified land and the topsoil that runs from the outskirts of Ormskirk over to Southport on the coast is truly unique!

Jet Black, Fluffy easy to Work with and highly fertile, Your Garden Will Love It !!

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Fast, friendly customer service! If you need any information or advice Call us on 0161 300 9364

Why buy from us?

Product Quality

We only ever sell farm sourced topsoil, never ever recycled or skip waste topsoil that has been screened we refuse to even sell these soils as a cheaper option becuase we do not want them on our site. They have no place in a healthy garden, contain little goodness and should not really even be described as topsoil. Topsoil should only be used to describe the best quality soil fit for the top few inches of ground.


We only ever deliver with our own vehicles which are all fitted with cranes meaning we can usually always get the goods exactly where you want them. Unlike many companies who outsource their deliveries to national hauliers who usually turn up with the dreaded pump truck.


As well as great products, we like our customers to also feel that they have had a great service. This means good communication, such as a courtesy call 1 hour before delivery,pleasent helpful uniformed delivery drivers and 100% satisfaction in the products you receive, feel free to inspect your goods and if there is any reason you are not happy we will take them back and refund your money 100% no problem.