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Good to Grow Topsoil...

Home growing or back yard farming as it is often called is booming at the minute, over 80% of house holds in the uk have access to some form of garden space and many people are seeing the benefits of growing there own organic fruits and vegetables, home growing can be a great way of not only improving yours and your familys diet and health but it is also a great way of getting away from the pressures and stress of the modern world and spending some quality time outside doing a simple but rewarding activity. Our formulated blend of topsoil and organic material will provide the ideal environment for your home grow projects, a well balanced ready to go british soil that is fully loaded with plenty of natural nitrogen for superb flowering and colour

  • Loose & Friable
  • Rich Black Mix
  • High in Natural Nitrogen
  • full of Potash For Fast Rooting

Great News!

Our bags are the old fashioned large bags that actually contain 1000kg unlike some of the smaller bulk bags which contain less.

We deliver to following areas

We deliver to most northwest areas including Liverpool,Manchester,Bolton,Preston

If you are not able to see your postcode in the mentioned list, please contact us. We may still be able to arrange a delivery for you.